WP Descriptive Name Explorer 2


Welcome to the home of WP Descriptive Name Explorer (WPDName). WPDName is for WordPerfect (WP) users who miss the old WordPerfect 6.x capability of viewing file Descriptive Names in the File|Open... dialog box of WP. WPDName displays the WP Descriptive Name property of files using a convenient Explorer-like interface. Users may browse through WP files and view file Descriptive Names along-side selected Windows file properties like:

  • file name,
  • full file path (including directory/folder location),
  • file size,
  • file type,
  • file attributes,
  • DOS file name, and
  • date and time information.

I now primarily use WPDName to explore WP files that were named using the old DOS 8.3 naming convention. As of 12 October 2011, the latest version of WPDName is 2.0.1.

WPDName is copyrighted. However, it may be used free of charge for personal or commercial purposes. Please feel free to contact me with bug reports, questions, comments, or suggestions.


What’s new in version 2?

Version 2 additions and changes include:

  • Navigation/toolbar for faster folder navigation and access to new capabilities;
  • One-click click copying of a file or folder path as text to the clipboard;
  • Fast file search capability that supports wild card searches (e.g., *.*) and text searching capability (IMHO preferable to  Windows search capabilities);
  • Filtering options for the File List Panel. Files and folders may be filtered on  
    • file name (using standard Windows wildcard characters or partial string matching),
    • WP Descriptive Name (using partial string matching),
    • file size, or
    • file “Last Modified” date;
  • Incremental search capability in File List Panel for file/folder “Name” and “WP Descriptive Name” columns;
  • Improved context menu for pasting in File List Panel;
  • Selection of multiple files and folders now available in File List Panel;
  • Option to open WordPerfect files in a specific WP version if more than one version is installed on computer (or shudder even in MS Word); and
  • Larger font for old guys like me. 


System Requirements

WP Descriptive Name Explorer (WPDName) has been tested on Microsoft Corporation’s 32-bit Windows XP, 32-bit Windows Vista, and 32 and 64-bit Windows 7. The program is not yet available as native 64-bit code. However, I have successfully run the application on 64-bit systems as a 32-bit program.


Download Normal Installation

Click the Download button to the right to download the WPDName install file to your computer. This file (WPDName 2.0.1 Setup.exe) is about 2.6 megabytes. You may install WPDName 2 right over your previous version. There is no need to uninstall the old version.

Portable Version

Many companies restrict or outright prohibit installation of third-party programs. (Not necessarily a bad idea). However, the process of obtaining approval to install such a program may not be something you wish to initiate. WPDName does not use the registry or place any dll’s on your system. Nevertheless, I had assure that the WPDName.ini file (used for preference settings) would not be written to your hard drive. So, I created a zipped version of WPDName that you may unzip to a folder on a USB stick and run from there.