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March 2011


Version 2.0 additions and changes include:


Navigation/tool bar for faster folder navigation and access to new capabilities;
One-click copying of a file or folder path as text to the clipboard;


Fast file search capability that supports wild card searches (e.g., *.*) and text searching capability (IMHO preferable to  Windows search capabilities);


Filtering options for the File List Panel. Files and folders may be filtered on
file name (using standard Windows wildcard characters or partial string matching),
WP Descriptive Name (using partial string matching),
file size, or
file “Last Modified” date;
Incremental search capability in File List Panel for file/folder “Name” and “WP Descriptive Name” columns;


Improved context menu for pasting in File List Panel;
Selection of multiple files and folders now available in File List Panel;
Option to open WordPerfect files in a specific WP version if more than one version is installed on computer (or shudder even in MS Word); and


Larger font for old guys like me.




Version changes include:

A few minor bug fixes;
New option in customized preferences (Electing this option causes WPDName to shut down after opening a WordPerfect file, a bit like a menu acts.); and
Some changes/corrections in this help file.




Version changes include:

Special portable “build” for USB drives, and
Revised “System requirements” section in help file





WP Descriptive Name Explorer (WPDName) is a total rewrite of my old WPDocName program. New features include:

Explorer-like interface — courtesy of Jim Kueneman (http://www.mustangpeak.net) and his excellent VirtualShellTools component package;
Descriptive Name property is exposed in most older WP files;
Descriptive Name property may be exposed in most WP OLE “compound” files;
Significant speed improvement; and
Enhanced browsing capability in directories/folders containing numerous WP files.