Opening files or folders

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Left-click to open


Just select a file from the list, and double-click it. (Single-click if that is how you have set up the click option in Windows Explorer.) If WordPerfect is associated with the selected file, it will open in WordPerfect.


Otherwise, the file will open with whatever application the file is associated with. If the file has no associated application, the standard “Windows cannot open this file:” dialog will appear, and you can select the application to open the file.


Right-click to open


Right-clicking a file or folder will display the standard right-click context menu with an Open option at the top.


File sub-menu


If a selected file is a WordPerfect file, clicking File on the main menu display the File sub-menu, and you may click the Open selected file item. However, if the selected   file is not a WordPerfect file, the Open selected file option will be grayed out to indicate that this option is not available.