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March 2011


Welcome to WP Descriptive Name Explorer 2.0 (WPDName). WPDName is for WordPerfect (WP) users who miss the old WordPerfect 6.x capability of viewing file Descriptive Names in the File|Open... dialog box of WP. WPDName displays the WP Descriptive Name property of files using a convenient Explorer-like interface. Users may browse through WP files and view file Descriptive Names along-side selected Windows file properties like:


file name,
full file path (including directory/folder location)
file size,
file type,
file attributes,
DOS file name,
date and time file created,
date and time file last accessed, and
date and time file last modified.


Other new features include built-in file search function, file filtering capabilities, and a new toolbar for faster computer navigation and access to new features. At present, WPDName does not support OASIS Open Document Format (ODF) or Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) formats.


WPDName may be used free of charge, subject to the license terms that follow. Please feel free to contact me with bug reports, questions, comments, or suggestions.


D. Max Williams

Knowis, Inc.

E-mail: software@knowisinc.com


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